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    Do you get lost in the mire of insurance, do you look for honesty and integrity in your broker, do you want YOUR interests protected and to receive the BEST advice tailored to YOUR requirements and expectations, then welcome to The Fairway of doing insurance.


    At The Fairway you have access to over 45 years of combined experience within the insurance industry. As a brokerage firm we are able to access products from a wide-ranging spectrum of insurance providers ensuring you obtain, recommendations matching your budget and expectations profile. We work for YOU. We pay personal attention to detail making sure you get the right cover for the right price.


    Our industry is bound by specific regulations and rules that appear arduous and lengthy but they are there to protect YOU as the customer.


    The Fairway specialises in personal and business insurances comprising of Life Insurance, Income Protection, Health Insurance, Mortgage and Income Protection, Children’s Trauma Cover, Critical Illness/Trauma Cover, Redundancy Insurance and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) as well as Business or Rural covers such as Key Person, Shareholder Protection, Business and Rural Continuity, Farmer Protection and all associated risk covers. In addition we offer: Investments, Kiwisaver, mortgages- domestic and UK Pension transfers.


    Our industry is bound by specific regulations and rules that appear arduous and lengthy; however the only time that any cover is worth its value is at claim time. Consequently, there is no short quick way to implement cover, only the correct way to ensure you get what expect and are paying for should you make a claim, and let’s be honest you don’t have insurance just to pay the premiums, insurance is there to ensure that you are protected should something happen to YOU and that if it does YOU will be covered.


    Claims The Fairway – We realise that emergencies don’t happen within office hours, so we ensure that there is always someone there to support you. Our objective is to service claims from initiation - no matter how large or small – to the final settlement.


    For an out of hours emergency please call: The Fairway: 06 345 6184



The Fairway specialises in personal and business insurance. While it’s easy to say you should have cover, putting it in place can be a hurdle to some.

We can help.



Along with offering insurance and advice, Fairway can help with your Wealth Management and Investment portfolios.

Get them working for you.



Fairway can help with your KiwiSaver and Retirement planning.

Start planning for tomorrow now.



Make an informed decision about transferring your UK pension. We can help you through the process.

Start the transfer now.

Moments of Truth Claire - by Sovereign NZ

Moments of Truth - Michelle - by Sovereign NZ

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Call The Fairway on 06 345 6184 or email us here for a FREE review and we will do all the leg work from setting up -  till claim and making sure you get the right cover for the best result and price.


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